Protect Your Roof by Following These Important Guidelines

  1. Keep tree limbs trimmed to prevent removal of gravel, the material that protects your roof from harmful UV rays.
  2. Do not combine the wrong ventilation products. This can actually deter proper air flow, prematurely aging your roof and possibly voiding your warranty.
  3. Extremely high winds can result in detached fasteners (nails) or broken seals. A subsequent driving rain could cause damage to the inside of your home. Call a roofer for an inspection.
  4. Keep your valleys free of leaves and pine needles to avoid a “damming effect” that can result in leaks.
  5. Do not allow others to walk on your roof unless absolutely necessary.
  6. If you are thinking of power washing your roof to remove unsightly algae, have a professional do it. Done improperly, power washing can damage your shingles.

Katy Roofing, Windows and siding