Is My Roof OK?

knowledge is powerAt Colony Roofing & Exteriors we believe the best customer is an educated one. When you understand how your roof works and the best ways to maintain it, unscrupulous roofers can’t take advantage of you. Plus, you will know whether or not you have a knowledgeable and experienced roofing contractor, or just a guy […]

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Installing a Roof? It’s More Than Meets the Eye!

katy roofing installationHave you ever installed a roof? I have heard a number of grown men say they installed roofs to help pay for college or to make extra money. I have also had a few customers tell me how they installed, or tried to install, their own roof. Sometimes those same customers called shortly after […]

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What Can I Do To Help My Roof Last Longer?

 leaves and sticks piling up in a valley of a roofEvery year the cost of installing a new roof rises.   At Colony Roofing and Exteriors we regularly receive letters from our suppliers that prices are going up – again.     It’s only natural that you want your roof to last as long as possible because […]

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Always Get It In Writing

contractAvoiding the Contractual Blues

Many people are wary of contractors. They have heard awful stories about someone being cheated by fly-by-night painters or roofers, or have been disappointed by shoddy work. You have a right to be concerned.  Consumers should choose their contractors carefully! 

One thing that happens more often than you might think in our line […]

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Do Ridge Vents Cool My Attic? A Common Misconception

Katy Roofing and SidingA common misconception among homeowners is that ridge vents cool the attic space. They do, but the effect is almost imperceptible. Ridge vents are not designed to cool your attic, but, instead, are meant to promote air flow.

Why is air flow important to your attic? Without proper air flow, stagnant air causes wood […]

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Choosing a Reputable Roofing Contractor

colored paper with question marksAfter a hurricane or hail storm, many people feel like they’ve met virtually every roofer in town. Flyers litter their doorsteps, strangers are knocking, and salesmen are constantly calling.  Some are polite and others are downright pushy. How do you choose?

First and foremost, if it is at all possible, do not rush […]

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Bullet Holes And Leaks

The Strangest Leak

baby sleepingWhat do you think is the strangest cause of a roof leak? The answer might surprise you. I have seen this a few times in the almost thirty years I have been a roofing contractor. It is a bullet hole!  While this might automatically bring to mind neighborhoods riddled with crime, this was […]

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The Bubble Gum House

gum houseSeveral years ago a woman contacted our company, Colony Roofing & Exteriors, to paint the exterior of her home. We discussed price, brands, and timelines, then began to talk about color. She brought out a swatch of the exterior paint she wanted. It is an understatement to say that the color was a vibrant pink. […]

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Beware of the Free Roof!


Katy roofing

Be wary of the salesman who comes to your door promising you a “free roof” or to “cover your deductible”. There’s more to this than meets the eye – and most of the time it isn’t legal!

Getting to Know Your Policy

We’re going to explain to you a few things about your insurance […]

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What is Hail Damage?


Should I Call My Insurance Company?

hail damageThe roofing vultures are circling! They are constantly knocking on your door and littering your porch with a never-ending supply of literature. Unfortunately, when even pea-sized hail hits, so does an endless supply of fliers and salesmen!

The questions to ask yourself are 1) Do you really […]

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